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About Me

Who is the “Scotty” of Scotty’s Body?

My name is Scott Crider and I live in Washington State. I work as a computer programmer for a local school district with a great group of people doing a job I really love. I am also married to the most beautiful woman in the world, Liz, and have an awesome little stud of a son named Benjamin. We have an Airedale Terrier, Nugget and the baddest cat around, Moses.

I finally decided to delve into the world of Web 2.0 and create my first blog. Rather than just post random bits of trivia about the many “plants” in my life, this blog will focus mainly on my body modification endeavors. My main purpose is to create a place which will contain all the information, diaries, food logs, and photos so I can track my my progress as I reach my goals. (Notice I did not say “attempt to reach my goals.” I am fully persuaded that I WILL reach them.) I also want to share this website with others as a way to hold myself accountable as well as give them the tools necessary to do the same thing with their bodies.

I have not always been fat. In high school and college I had an insane metababolism and ate pretty much anything I wanted. I spent a lot of time in the gym and rolled at a very lean 168 lbs. and was rather muscular. Even after college, I was able to stay pretty lean, due mainly to smoking, without working out. After quitting just over three years ago, though, the weight started to slowly creep on. When I got married at the end of 2005, I was 180 lbs. I did try to diet some (Atkins, 6-Week Body Makeover [which lasted about 1 week…completely cutting out salt is very tough!], etc) with little success. As of September 2007 I had ballooned up to 195 lbs. and was very unhappy with the way I looked and felt.

My wife, Liz, decided to go on Weight Watchers in an effort to lose the remainder of the baby weight (she’s freaking awesome and losing like a fiend). Being the supportive husband that I am, I decided to join her. Within weeks, I had completely reverse-engineered the program and was tweaking (geeking) it out to fit my needs.

That is what I plan to share here. I never counted points or anything, I just stick to the math and science behind it.

I began this transformation on 9/19/2007 at 194.6 lbs. I have lost most of my weight by simply restricting calories. On 11/1/2007 I did join a gym. I try to eat about 1400-1600 calories a day (about 1000-1200 less than my body needs to maintain) and have consistantly achieved an average 1.5 lbs. of weight loss a week.

I want to use this blog as a weight loss (and then muscle gain) diary. I hope this will inspire someone out there to lose weight and/or gain muscle. Hopefully, they will see this and say, “If he can do it, I can too!” We all desire to be in great shape but most never realize their dreams. Why is this? Most people have come to believe that it is impossible to attain their dream body but I hope to show them that it is not. Follow me as I attempt to completely transform my body